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Tiki Oasis or Bust!

I’m leaving on a jet plane and I don’t know when I’ll be back again. (well, actually I’ll be back next Monday)

Some can’t wait to get back to Burning Man, for others it’s Disney World or maybe a week in the Hampton’s is more their cup of tea. For me I want my cup filled with rum and it’s not a cup, it’s a tiki mug. My destination of choice this time of year is San Diego. No, it’s not Comic-Con it’s Tiki Oasis 2015! For those of you who don’t know Tiki Oasis is a series of events over 4 nights and 3 days held at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Fans and collectors of vintage “Tikiana”, “Polynesian Pop”, loud Hawaiian shirts and just plain Tiki in General gather together and meet, mingle and party! With over 20 live bands/D.J.’s, 30 symposiums, art shows, burlesque shows, car shows and more, it’s a weekend packed with activities. I don’t want to forget  to mention over 100 vendors selling some really great stuff you’re not gonna find at the mall. I’m not selling my Hawaiian shirts there this year but I am still helping to sponsor the event. This year has a futuristic space theme so I expect to see a lot of people dressed in some sorta outer space tiki garb. I don’t have a costume myself , I’ll just be taking along a modest selection of my favorite Hawaiian shirts.  Speaking of which, I better get to packing, my plane leaves first thing in the morning.

Learn more about Tiki Oasis HERE:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.10.19 PM

I will take lots of pictures and report back to you all sometime next week. If  I come back that is. Until then, keep your feet in the sand and your hands off my drink. ~Zippy