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Dear Zippy, What Is A Retro Hawaiian Shirt?

Retro Hawaiian shirtElvis-Presley-in-his-Hawaiian-shirt.


“Dear Zippy,

I heard that retro Hawaiian shirts are the hip in style shirts to wear these days, or is it vintage? What’s the difference between Vintage vs. Retro anyhow? I’ve been thinking on this for weeks and I’m losing sleep. Please help me understand it all as I’m too lazy to Google it myself.

Sincerely, – Sleepless in San Fransisco”


Aloha Sleepless,

If you’ve been losing sleep wondering what the difference between “vintage” & “retro” is than there’s seriously something wrong with you. But fear no more cos I’m about to drop some knowledge on you and tonight you’ll be sawing logs, counting sheep or catching some Z’s. Choice is yours.

Vintage: Although widely misused, the term “vintage” refers to an item that is at least 20 years old or more.  Although many people would argue that’s not old enough and insist that an item must be at least 50 years old to qualify as “vintage.” So vintage could be categorized as being at least 50 years old, but “New Vintage” is a term I’ve been hearing a lot describing stuff from the 80’s & 90’s

Retro: Retro simply refers to anything that looks out of style for the current time period. This could be any clothing style/print that references designs from the past. Basically we’re talking about new clothes that just look old as opposed to an actual 50 year old shirt. I offer several Retro Hawaiian shirts, or as we like to call them “Vintage Replicas.” Because as the name implies they are replicas of old vintage Hawaiian prints.

You are right about retro Hawaiian shirts being in fashion right now. But to be honest anything Hawaiian print seems to be in fashion right now. And although I feel any Hawaiian shirt is a good Hawaiian shirt, our selection of “Vintage Replicas” are definitely some of our most popular shirts and make up a large percent of our sales. It seems retro is definitely in!

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Land Of Aloha (aka Mick Jagger Shirt)

1950’s “Land Of Aloha” (Mick Jagger Shirt)

Avanti Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Replica 1940's "Mermaid" -Black

Vintage 1940’s  Replica “Mermaid” -Black

Avanti Hawaiian Shirt replica 100% Heavy weight Crepe De Chine silk. Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Replica

1950’s “Hawaiian Scene” Reproduction

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