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Evil Tiki Necklace (Brady Bunch Replica)

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Evil Tiki Necklace (Brady Bunch Cursed Tiki Replica)

‘Hawaii Bound’ was the season opening episode of Season 4 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 73rd episode in the series originally aired on September 22, 1972. I didn’t catch it myself until the reruns 5 or 6 years later. But when I did, Wow! If you’re not familiar with the episodes here’s a short run thru. Mike is sent to Hawaii to check on a construction project for his firm, and the entire family (and of course Alice) get to come along. During the trip, Bobby unearths an ancient evil Tiki said to bring bad luck to whomever is holding it.

Although no one in the family sees it as a bad luck charm, pretty soon bad luck befalls everyone in some form or other. The first evidence comes when Greg is involved in a serious surfing accident. Oh no, Look out Greg! Later on back at the hotel there’s an unfortunate encounter with a tarantula occurs that almost killed Peter. Funnily enough there are no tarantula’s in the state of Hawaii, and for me that makes it even more creepy. Even Alice befalls the wrath of the evil Tiki and throws her back out during a Hula class.

This evil Tiki pendant is hand cast from an original master mold and hand painted.

It measures 3.” tall(7.5cm), 1.75″ wide(4cm) and 3/4″ deep(2cm). The cord measures approx 32″.