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The New Hawaiian Shirt Dude Website Launched Today!

Today is a day that will go down in annals of history. Let the record show that on today, June 17th 2014 the Internet, nay… The World, received a beautiful new gift. That gift is the NEW Hawaiian Shirt Dude website. Let us all rejoice and sing songs for it is a glorious time.

After months of hard work, late night coding sessions and tedious hours of photo-shopping the new Hawaiian Shirt Dude website has been born. My hope is that every man & child man on this planet have a least one awesome Hawaiian shirt in their closet. (preferably more) I want to spread aloha throughout the land and over the seas and share the inner peace that comes from wearing Hawaiian shirts. I hope you all like the design and layout of the new site.  I will continue to add much new content and clothing to the site daily so if you don’t see what you need today, come back tomorrow. Now go forth and spread the word. Hawaiian Shirt Dude is here!

Some say you can’t change the world with Hawaiian shirts. You can’t bring world peace with Hawaiian shirts. I say they’re wrong. I say,  “Have you ever seen two dudes in Hawaiian shirts fight? Neither have I.”

Mahalo, ~ Zippy Moondog