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Mick Jagger in The Land Of Aloha

Swagger Like Jagger

In 1973 Mick Jagger sported this awesome ‘Land Of Aloha’ vintage 1950’s Hawaiian print shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Issue 129 – March 1st.


A product of a photo shoot while sailing off the coast of Waikiki Beach, Ohau, Hawaii. Mick and the rest of The Stones came to Hawaii to kick of their ’73 “Pacific Tour” A tour that was planned to take them to Japan for the 1st time. as well as Australia & New Zealand. A tour that Mick also describes as the shortest American tour ever! Well, I guess a single night in Los Angeles and two night in Honolulu is a pretty short American tour.


So, up until now if you wanted to sport this awesome shirt not only would it be pretty hard to find, but it would have to choose between it and a modestly price used car. Last I heard these shirts were going for about $2,000.00 (keep in mind, that’s for a 70 year old shirt)

(Don’t worry the good news is coming up)


Probably not bad deal if your a rock-star Hawaiian shirt collector but if your a regular Joe like me, well that just ain’t gonna happen. I can’t get no satisfaction spending that much cash on a shirt I’d be too afraid to wear.


Mick seemed to like this shirt so much that he wore it on stage trough out their 1973 Pacific tour. The Stones scheduled two shows in Hawaii first, as a fallback in case they could not get into certain countries. Australia, New Zealand & Japan. (side note; All Japanese shows were cancelled. Japanese Foreign Ministry said Jagger would not be allowed into their country due to his prior drugs convictions.) Boo!

Hawaiian fans camped out on Christmas night 1972 in order to buy their tickets.



With your own ‘Land Of Aloha’ 1950’s vintage Hawaiian shirt reproduction. At a fraction of the price.

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Avanti Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Replica 1940’s “Land Of Aloha” – Blue

This reproduction print is exactly the same as the one Mick Jagger wears although it has a slightly different color way but it’s the closest you’re gonna find without dropping $2,000.00 on a original. (if you can find one)

This vintage Hawaiian shirt replica is of a beautiful 1950’s Hawaiian ‘Land Of Aloha’ shirt that was worn by Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones and featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine March 1st 1973.  It’s a beautiful recreation and features a complete matching engineered front and pocket. As well as coconut shell buttons. Made right here in Hawaii. 100% Washable Crepe De Chine Silk

Avanti Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Replica 1940’s “Land Of Aloha” – Blue

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“Thank you for your wines, Ah-no Lew-loo,
Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruit…”

– Mick Jagger, “Sweet Virginia,” first show, January 21st, Honolulu International Center.


If you’d like to read the full original Rolling Stone article from 1973. Just click HERE