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Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt Collection

Magnum PI – The Ladies Love Him, The Men Wanna Be Him.

Magnum PI

Magnum PI

The mans name is Thomas Magnum. Private investigator, tough as nails but an all around nice guy and one heck of a ladies man. From December 11th 1980 to May 1st 1988 he was the reason we stayed home once a week and tuned into his Hawaiian adventures. He was Americas answer to James Bond. All the ladies wanted him and all the men wanted to be him. Like Bond, Magnum also drove himself around in style. His style was a awesome red Ferrari. But unlike Bond and his tuxedos, Magnum chose  a more laid back look. After all he’d look pretty silly fighting crime in Hawaii wearing a tuxedo. They say the clothes make the man and if that is true than the clothes that made Magnum are his Hawaiian Shirts. Most of all the red jungle Bird Magnum PI Shirt.

The red jungle bird Magnum PI shirt (pictured above) is definitely his most recognizable shirt,  Did you know that it’s even been inducted into the Smithsonian Museum? It is the most recognizable  Hawaiian shirt ever. A iconic Hawaiian shirt worn by the coolest 1980’s icon.  In my book that makes the Magnum PI Shirt the coolest Hawaiian shirt of all time!

I know what you’re asking yourself, the same thing I asked myself, “How can I be cool like Magnum?” I still can’t afford that Ferrari but I can afford the Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt Collection. That’s right, you read that correctly. If you didn’t already know about it, there is an entire Magnum PI shirt collection and we at HawaiianShirtDude.com are more than happy to introduce you to it and help you be cool like Magnum.

The Magnum PI Shirt Collection is comprised of 3 shirts all hand picked by Tom Selleck himself for his character Magnum to wear throughout the 8 year series. And the coolest thing about these shirts are that they are originals. These Magnum PI shirts are still made by the original company that produced them for him back in the 1980’s. In other words, these are not cheap knock off look a-likes. These are the real deal.

Check out the entire Magnum PI Shirt Collection right here. and next time you are in Hawaii please come by our shop and say Aloha, we’d love to see you. Until then you can still get all your Hawaiian clothes and accessories from our online store. HawaiianShirtDude.com

The Red Jungle Bird Magnum PI Shirt

Magnum PI Red Jungle Bird Shirt

The Most Famous Hawaiian Shirt In The World

 There’s not much else I can say about this shirt. It is the shirt that started it all. If you can only buy one Magnum PI Shirt. This is definitely the one to get!

The Black Jungle Bird Magnum PI Shirt

Magnum PI's Black Jungle Bird Shirt

Magnum PI’s Black Jungle Bird Shirt

Did you know the famous red jungle bird Magnum PI Shirt also comes in Black? Magnum would wear this one more in the evenings perhaps when on a covert mission so as not to draw attention to himself.

The Star Orchid Magnum PI Shirt

Magnum's Black Star Orchid Shirt

Magnum’s Black Star Orchid Shirt

This shirt is the star orchid Magnum PI Shirt was actually Toms favorite and was worn through much of the first episode, season one as well as much of the series. He even wore it on the cover of TV Guide.

Magnum PI Cover Of TV Guide

Magnum PI Cover Of TV Guide


Magnum Pi wearing the Black Jungle Bird Shirt

Magnum Pi wearing the Black Jungle Bird Shirt


After you pick up a couple shirts all that’s left to release your inner Magnum is to obtain residence at Master Robin’s Estate and a red Ferrari. Lucky for you, they are both available.

The Magnum PI House For Sale. Only 15.75 MIL.


Magnum’s Ferrari 308 GTS QV up for bid on eBay. Good Luck!