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My First Trip To Tiki Oasis – (Part Two) Saturday & Sunday

Tiki Oasis 2015 “Tomorrow’s Future Today” (Part Two)  Saturday & Sunday

Before I knew it Friday night had become Saturday morning and the morning became day once more and that day was pretty much packed full of the same old shenanigans. I was pretty happy to run into all my favorite artists and have some chatting time with them. Shag, Doug Horne, Tiki Diablo, Big Toe & Tiki Tony to name a few. The creativity and talent in this community is overflowing. There were a few new attractions today as well, there was now a classic car show now in the parking lot and I couldn’t help but notice about 3X as many people at the hotel  then the previous day. It was crazy! Obviously Saturday was the day this thing was really going to take off. The Pool was insanely full as I walked by and Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides were  ripping it up pool side.  And then there was another 20 to 30 vendor tents that had popped up in the garden so that of course meant I had to do more tiki shopping.

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The sun eventually went down and the bands turned up! Somehow I had totally missed the crowning of Miss Tiki Oasis 2015  as well as the award presentations for best costumes, best booth, best smile, etc. etc. so on and so forth. There was also a “sip and shop” that sounded like fun. Free booze while you shop! I missed out on that as well. I realize now as I’m writing this that there were tons of events that I just wasn’t around for. Part of this is because I never really planned out any of my weekend. I will strongly suggest to anyone planning on attending Tiki Oasis next year the following, Read your program and plan accordingly. Next time I write a review on Tiki Oasis I promise I’ll make an effort to be present at more of the activities taking place at Tiki Oasis. The other reason I missed many of the morning time and afternoon events was due to this thing called a Hangover. So with little to no sleep there was no time to recover from Thursday and Friday’s adventures. The main staged bands ripped through their sets, the burlesque show finished and turned into a dance party and the room party crawl had started up with a bang.



The party’s were in full swing from the get go. I saw a couple of grey aliens sporting Hawaiian shirts,  I saw a panda wearing space suit, I saw Mr. Bean in the elevator! (I’m not sure how Mr. Bean fits in with Tiki. He wasn’t even wearing an aloha shirt.) Anyhow, then I saw the worlds biggest racoon climb a palm tree. Was this really happening? I thought. I met a fellow named Jose Sinatra and he crooned really horrible lounge music but I felt safe again within the walls of the Golden Tiki room party. Then Jose showed us a art film he made about a cat and a dog in love. It must have been a art film I thought because it was shot in black and white. Then I spent the rest of the night dancing to 70’s funk and mix of 80’s new wave, post punk & goth pop. For me personally, it was just like heaven after 3 days of non stop surf guitar tunes twanging all around my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I can dig it!  I like the surf and rockabilly a lot. I’m just saying, a little variety can be nice. The rest of the night is a blur but I do remember making some friends and sipping some tasty Rumchatta down by the pool.  After 3 days of sweet rum punch drinks and mai-tai’s that RumChata was just about the best thing I ever tasted. Let’s hear it again for variety.


11889705_10207254516339629_5960876017939887252_nScreen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.03.23 PMIMG_2630On my way down to the pool area Sunday the place seemed very different. Gone was the Pinball machine in the lobby, Gone was the noise and the crowd in Hawaiian shirts & dress. There were “Normal People” (yikes) checking in at reception. Where was everyone? Had this all been some sorta wonderful dream? I looked down at my wrist and I saw that I was still wearing my Tiki Oasis wrist band. Ok, not a dream. I headed out to the pool area and there were maybe 3 people in the pool which only yesterday held hundreds, and the lounge chairs were mostly deserted. No more DJ’s, Go-Go dancers or cannon balls. Vendor booths were being broken down and packed up. Now was the time to score some good deals, that is if there was anything left. I discovered it’s nice to shop when the weekends winding down as prices tend to get slashed. Like, who want’s to haul all that stuff back home right? So I made one last pass through the vending areas and scored a couple more tiki mugs for my collection. I said my goodbye to those who were still there and leaving but I was in it for the long haul. I still had one last night of fun to be had, and I planned on having it. There were two bands that I really wanted to see still scheduled to play Sunday evening. The Rosalyns and  The Chocolate Watch Band. By the time evening came around the whole event shrunk down to now fit into the Grand Hanalei Ballroom. Only a few hundred tikiphiles still remained. These were the die hard tikiheads and I felt honored to be among them soaking up every last bit that the weekend had to offer. The bands were amazing and afterwards I believe there was more dancing but this Tikihead finally hit a the wall. I was done, spent, exhausted and dead on my feet. I needed to go back to my room and figure out how to fit all my new tiki goodies into my suitcases and catch the A.M. flight back to the islands.


All in all it was a truly fantastic trip and amazing time. One good experience from start to end. It lived up to all the hype and expectations and I can’t wait to return next year for Tiki Oasis 2016 “Monster Island”.


If you want more info on the Tiki Oasis experience please check out the official Tiki Oasis website here: tikioasis.com

Until next time, keep your feet in the sand and your  hands off my Mai-Tai! – Zippy Moondog